Monday, February 15, 2010

how to earn money writing articles faster

Now a common theme with making money fast is learning how to earn money writing articles. You can learn how to get rich quickly, or you can learn how to build a long lasting income, but the idea is make money now, convert it into long lasting money later. If you strictly want to learn to earn money rather than build passive income this guide is for you.

The first thing that you must realize is that there are a lot of basic ideas presented that are great for learning how to get rich writing articles. Although that presents a great guide for how it might be done, it really doesn't get into the specifics or the "nitty gritty" on how you can really write articles fast and increase your earnings per hour.

The next thing to consider is that you really have to take a long term approach if you are publishing your articles, or even selling them to someone else. What I mean by that is although it's great to make $50 per hour, if you completely mess up your earnings and limit yourself to earning $5 per hour because you get blacklisted and banned from every network, that's not a good strategy in the long run.

The real way you can figure out how to earn money writing articles, is analyze your earnings per hour, and your words per minute and the correlation. Generally you will get paid per word or per article over a certain amount of words. I suggest that you should understand the difference between a great article and a good article, and how long it takes to research, and your rate of speed to produce that level of quality.

For example, I have made a table in excel. I have words per minute in one coloumn, then multiply that column by 60 to get words per hour (with no research). Then I multiply that by earnings per word, and then that gets me earnings per hour.
There are good articles that people will pay on average $0.01 per word for, great articles that people pay $0.015 per word for, excellent in which they pay $0.02 per word for, and finally $0.05 per word which are reserved for expert articles. Now I usually like to use 40 words per minute and 120 words per minute as my intervals. By using these calculations I can compare what I'll make writing articles on subjects I understand. Now if I know a little bit about a topic, but not a lot, I will spend 10 minutes researching. Now I do the same calculations, only for "words per hour" I instead multiply words per minute by 50 minutes since 10 minutes is reserved for research. I repeat the entire process and then repeat only with 40 minutes instead for topics I know nothing about.
Now I can compare. Should I write a "good" article on a subject I already know, a "great" article on a subject I only know a little about, or should I research a subject I don't have any clue about and take 20 minutes to research so I can write an "excellent" article. My chart shows that I make $24 per hour on a subject I know at "good" quality, I make "$30 per hour" on a "great" article, and I make $32 on an excellent article. So even though I have to do more research, it's worth the research to write an excellent article. Although you want to be able to write faster, you still have to be smart about it in order to earn money faster. So even if your words per hour slows down, it can still make more money.
Alright now the reason I have "120 words per minute" listed as well is to compare my speed when "speaking" an article by using Dragon Naturally Speaking. It may take a little bit to plugin my microphone, load the software, then copy and paste, but generally is much faster and I can see how much more I will make with it. Now depending on computer speed you may be able to use the software to type at 150 words per minute. Of course the phrase "type" isn't accurate since you are "speaking" the articles, but you get the idea.
If you want to learn how to earn money writing articles faster, you need to understand all the tips and tricks.

Write articles faster by writing while driving. (Note: this method has since been updated, since you can simply download Dragon Dictation, a free App for the Iphone, then you can email the article to yourself, and then you can copy and paste it where you need it)
Writing articles faster to make money. This post is a huge list of various tips and tricks to writing articles at light speed, outsourcing it, making a contest and other unique ideas.

Now you don't have to make money online simply by writing articles and selling them. You can use one of these 3 easy money making ideas writing articles.

Only when you're ready to reinvest your time and efforts into making money through writing articles at lighting fast speed should you consider reinvesting your money. Of course, if you follow the advice in the blog, you will find that it's easy to learn how to get rich writing articles.

Alright so lets summerize things up.

First, figure out your rate and how much money per hour you make writing articles. I didn't go into detail, but if you have read this blog throughouly, you will know that I mention running a test of 10 articles before you determine your actual rate per hour. Repeat using dragon naturally speaking and see which one's faster, but use both as a guide as some articles you will want to hand write.

Second, find out what the best way to make the most per hour is so you are actually smart and effecient as it does you know good to write lightining fast if you get very little pay.

Then, become familiar with all of the article writing tips and tricks, so you know how to maximize your speed. For me personally writing articles using Dragon Naturally Speaking works best, or Dragon Dictation if you have an iphone and either don't want to pay for Dragon Naturally speaking, or if you would wish to write articles while you drive. However, I also have had success in various circumstances using article spinning software such as Jetspinner.

In conclusion, if you read this blog from top to bottom from the first post to the last, or in reverse, you should have a very good concept of how to earn money writing articles faster than 90% of article writers. That is a huge advantage and can result in you making a very nice sum of money every single month. You can then use that to write articles not just for earned income, but for passive income. If you do that, you can really get rich writing articles.